Customer payments

We collect regular payments via GO CARDLESS. This is not a monthly direct debit.
Just press the “PAY WITH GO CARDLESS BUTTON” to take you to our sign up/payment page.

Paying with GO CARDLESS is 100% fully secure and very easy to set up.

The mandate form will only take 2 minutes to complete, and you only have to do it once.

GO CARDLESS is the the leading UK provider for companies who use direct debit to collect customer payments.

Tel: (Office) 01386 553614 or Mobile: 07779 071552


GO CARDLESS is ideal for paying recurring bills which are not set on a specific date.

Payments are only taken 5 days after we have completed your chosen service.

GO CARDLESS will contact you via email to confirm the amount due and the date the funds will be collected.

If we do not clean your windows for any reason GO CARDLESS will not take a payment.

Or if for some reason we cannot get access to clean all of your windows, you will only be charged for the windows that have been cleaned.

You are covered by the direct debit guarantee, and can cancel at any time you like at your bank.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Go Cardless

We also have 3 other methods of accepting payment. These are payment by Cash, Bank Transfer or Cheque